Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holy Cow

I am a proud owner of a new 18-200 Nikkor lens. Took it for a test drive and found some cows. I was very pleased with how it handled! It is very versatile and it focuses about twice as fast as my other lenses did. Anywho, this is one of my better images from the set. JS


  1. Nice.

    Might want to size down your photos before putting them up on your blog. Otherwise you might have people rip them off for various uses. I don't post my photos any larger then 800 pixels in either direction on my blog.

  2. Right! Ya, I don't have a program such as photoshop yet. Actually, I don't have an editing program period. But as soon as I get one I'll get you to teach me how to do that pronto. Thanks Jon