Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back in the saddle!

Alright guys, the semester has begun and the initial "Oh my god I am so overwhelmed" has more or less past. (Except for Steve's paper and a final proposal for portraiture due this week) I am happily making images again.

New Gear as of yesterday:
105 mm f2.4 lens for my Pentax 6x7
10 rolls of Kodak 160NC 120 film

That's about all i need i guess. I just finished a roll testing out the new lens and I should be able to develop it tomorrow depending on how much snow Bridger Bowl gets. Either way I will be scanning negs this week and I hope to have a new image up by Friday. Keep an eye out this semester for images from my portraiture class, and i will try and be better about scanning in my alternative process work.


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