Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Semester Recap

This post is just a recap on my Spring 2011 semester. All I have to say is, "what a semester!" Portraiture, Alternative process, recent photo history, and TAing for Alexis Pike's color class as well as working 32 hours a week on the night shift almost killed me. But this semester was one of incredible growth and clarity in my blossoming photographic career. It started with a trip to Atlanta for the SPE national conference. This was the first time I was able to really listen to contemporary art photographers talk at length about their work. To hear their influences and thoughts behind their imagery really made me think critically about my own work. Then there was Personal Vision, the juried University photo show put on by MSU. A lot of good work was shown by a lot of great photographers and friends. I was fortunate enough to be chosen for the grand prize with my image "7th and Dickerson", a diptych I made for my portraiture final. My parents were there for the opening, and my friends and I celebrated responsibly afterwards. The most memorable experience by far though has to be the trip to Portland for Photolucida. Collin Avery, Megan Dunbar, Libbie Anderson and myself were chosen by a portfolio submission to volunteer, and the school would pay for everything but food. I can't explain how amazing it was to be surrounded by some of the biggest names in contemporary art photography. Everyone was super nice, friendly, and easy to talk to. It was great to meet people I have only been able to talk to over e-mails, and to make new connections with people who are intelligent, thoughtful image makers. After Photolucida it was an all out assault on final projects that included 2 all nighters and on average less than 4 hours of sleep a night till last week. But everything got finished, and now it is summer.

THE FUTURE!! I applied for, and received, a USP grant from MSU to photograph up by Mystic Lake and document the area that would be flooded by the proposed dam if it were to be built. I will be spending a couple weekends a month camping up there and photographing as much as possible with my Pentax 6x7. (the big camera in the image above) As this body of work grows, I am hoping to promote it to various galleries around town and to environmental groups. I am also planning on donating it to the Bozeman Survey Project in the fall. Other than that, I will just be carrying my Minox (tiny camera in the picture) everywhere I go, and enjoying what might be my last summer in Bozeman for a while.

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